February 10, 2020 Daily Clips

Recovery efforts begin after flooding ravages eastern Oregon; one woman found dead

The Oregonian

As the floodwaters began to recede in eastern Oregon, rescue efforts gave way to recovery Sunday, and authorities confirmed one woman had been killed.

Cap-and-trade climate bill hearing draws big crowd in Oregon Legislature

The Oregonian

So many people flocked to the Oregon State Capitol to testify Saturday at a public hearing on a climate change bill that the allotted time for each to speak was reduced to 90 seconds.

Oregon governor, Timber Unity reps exchange ideas

Oregon Capital Bureau

Timber Unity wants the state to plant trees along roads to act as carbon sinks and wants state government agencies to buy goods and services locally to reduce their carbon footprint. It also wants Oregon to boost its recycling infrastructure and allow businesses to write off more quickly the costs of upgrading to greener technology.

Oregon lawmakers’ frayed relationships on display going into week two of session

The Oregonian

Oregon lawmakers are heading into the second week of the short session with tensions between the two parties running high over the undercurrent of a possible Republican walkout.

Lock up that gun? Owners, safety advocates wrestle issue

Capital Bureau

The legislation requires gun owners to secure their firearms with a trigger or cable lock, in a locked container such as a safe or gun room. Violators could be fined up to $500.

Should Oregon’s top transparency official be independent? Lawmakers will decide

The Oregonian

A bill to enshrine the independence of Oregon’s public records advocate in law and end the governor’s role in hiring and firing the government transparency advocate is scheduled for a legislative hearing Monday morning.

US Firearm Suicide Rate Hits Record High, According To Latest CDC Numbers


The United States passed an ominous milestone in 2018. A record 24,432 people died by firearm suicide in 2018, according to data released in January by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Extreme Risk Protection Order Recipient Says Oregon’s Process Lacks Mental Health Expertise


In December, OPB published a story looking at how Oregon’s 2-year-old extreme risk protection order law was being used. The orders, known as ERPOs or red flags, allow law enforcement and family to petition a court to remove someone’s firearms if they are in danger of hurting themselves or others.

Former NORPAC workers could get extended unemployment under Senate bill

Statesman Journal

Laid off former NORPAC workers would receive up to an additional 26 weeks of unemployment benefits under a bill that advanced out of an Oregon Senate committee last week.

Oregon’s Knute Buehler embraces Trump in run for Congress

The Oregonian

In 2018, the Republican party’s candidate for governor of Oregon painted himself as a centrist, criticized President Donald Trump’s environmental stance and said he didn’t want to be linked to divisive national figures.


Editorial: Do away with unfair license suspensions

The Bulletin

You may not generally think of it this way, but an unpaid fine for a traffic ticket can have a huge impact on a person’s life, particularly if you’re poor, or homeless, or live in a rural area or are a person of color.

Editorial: Helt, Zika bill on child care has real promise

The Bulletin

State Reps. Jack Zika, R-Redmond, and Cheri Helt, R-Bend, are asking Oregon lawmakers to approve a measure that should make a dent in the state’s damaging lack of child care. House Bill 4096 may undergo tweaking, to be sure, but the pair’s approach to the problem is both thoughtful and likely to be successful.

Editorial: Committee should ignore proposed bill amendment

The Bulletin

The Oregon Senate’s Committee on General Government and Emergency Preparedness gets down to business in Senate Bill 1506 on Monday when it holds a public hearing on the bill at 8 a.m. in Hearing Room B of the Capitol.

Tayleranne Gillespie

Communications Director

House Republican Caucus

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