What Editorial Boards Are Saying, Plus note from National Committeewoman Chris Barreto

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(Democrats) could simply amend 1530 to refer it to the voters on passage. After all, there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state, upping their chances of success of a referendum were to occur.

More important, SB 1530 is a major change to the way we do business in Oregon, and big ideas are far more likely to succeed if there’s voter buy-in on them. A popular vote could provide it.


It is hard not to believe at this point that the climate change bill has become more of an ego-invested project by some lawmakers rather than a concept that puts the best interests of Oregonians first.

The climate change bill should be discarded and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle should convene to work out some type of compromise that includes voter participation.


Increased gas prices, utility bills and other costs would impact families, particularly workers who commute throughout the mid-Willamette Valley and farther afield. But the price hike at the pump would absolutely hammer small, family-owned farming, ranching, logging and trucking operations.

A number of our readers have suggested that we put the matter of cap and trade on the ballot and let Oregon voters decide. And that seems fair. While we usually support the legislative process, it seems rather broken when dealing with greenhouse gas emissions, for several reasons.


Oregon’s carbon footprint is tiny when compared to other nations, so the obvious question has always been, what gains, or benefits would such an Oregon emission limit deliver to the nation and the world? The answer is none. Making statements about a hot point issue is fine, even admirable, but we believe this legislation will have an extraordinarily adverse impact that far outweighs the tiny reduction in total global carbon emissions it would create.

Our fear is this legislation will leave a legacy of bitterness and create a broken alliance between voters and those they elected. If the current Democratic carbon emission legislation is as good an idea as advertised, then put it before the voters of the state, as Republican legislators have suggested. A vote to enact this legislation on purely partisan lines, though, could destroy any last shred of goodwill and make Oregon’s political landscape radioactive for decades to come.


A lot is riding on the Oregon Legislative Assembly’s moves to curb greenhouse gas emissions. But even with the stakes, cramming the issue into a short session with just two and a half weeks left may not be the right move.

Good evening,

I don’t usually add a personal note to these “Daily Clips” but I am today.  As some of you know, my husband is a Republican State Representative for HD58.  I want to thank you for the encouraging words he has received, the support for the Walk-Out and for the many prayers. Please continue, the next 6 days are critical. I can only speak for Greg’s district but the East Oregonian newspaper did a poll and 1400 people voted in favor of the People of Oregon voting on this bill and 62 who wanted it passed with SB1530. 

The Democrats are say his job is to be on the floor to vote.  He was elected to represent his district and he is by not allowing this destructive legislation to move forward.

Today the Democrat leadership issued subpoenas to member’s homes.  The caucus members were advised that anyone over 14 years old can be asked to sign for the subpoena.  The very idea that our 16 year old daughter can be harassed with a court order is outrageous! 

The atmosphere at the Capitol has become very toxic with “Courtesies” during the floor session mocking our members and Democrat Representatives taking pictures of staff while they are sitting on the House floor taking notes. This is not only humiliating but also intimidating.  Greg has asked his staff to work from home.  He is working from an undisclosed location out of Oregon, but be assured, every member is still working.

Thank you for your patience.  I’ve attached a news release from President Courtney and Speaker Kotek that shows how desperate they are to force passage of this bill.  

Thank you and God bless you,

Chris Barreto
National Committeewoman
Oregon Republican Party
541 910-5247


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