March 18, 2020 Daily Clips


Coronavirus in Oregon (March 18): Governor takes more actions to stop ‘greater loss of life’

The Oregonian

Gov. Kate Brown reiterated Tuesday that Oregonians need to take action now to slow coronavirus transmissions in order to avoid “a higher strain on our medical system and greater loss of life to this disease.”

Oregon Extends Coronavirus-Related School Closures Until April 28


Oregon schools will remain closed through April 28 under an executive order Gov. Kate Brown issued late Tuesday. The decision comes less than a week after Brown closed schools a week early for spring break, with the expectation of reopening them to students April 1.

The Legislature is expected to convene to take up the coronavirus outbreak. But it’s not clear what legislation will be considered

Capital Bureau

With the continued outbreak of COVID-19 straining Oregon’s economy and health care systems, legislative leaders are calling for a special legislative session to allocate money and pass laws to ease the outbreak’s impact.

Oregon again flubs message on when to expect greater coronavirus testing capacity

The Oregonian

This time the confusion stemmed directly from comments by Brown, in response to a question from reporters about what was being done to increase testing in Oregon.

Gov. Kate Brown Didn’t Move Aggressively in the Face of the Accelerating COVID-19 Pandemic. But She Was Pressed Into Action.

Willamette Week

The mixed messages can be explained in part by the backdoor negotiations—and sometimes public pressure—from others ready to take action if Brown would not.

As Unemployment Surges, Oregon Considers Easing Unemployment Benefit Standards


Claims for unemployment benefits are surging into the Oregon Employment Department as businesses are forced to shut down as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

Is it time to lock down Oregon to slow the coronavirus?

The Oregonian

The logical question now on many people’s minds: Has the time come for a societal lockdown? What does it look like? And how long would it last?

Coronavirus Test Shortages Are Undermining Oregon’s Response


Oregon’s capacity to test for COVID-19, the infection caused by coronavirus, has remained tight and the prospects of significant expansion in the near-term is low.

Oregon grocers, suppliers say there’s still enough food amid coronavirus shopping frenzy

The Oregonian

From people on the front lines like Sweany to Oregon’s food producers, though, there’s a broad consensus the state’s grocery supply is adequate. Shelves may be barren each evening, they say, but they’re usually restocked every morning – and at some point people will run out of space in their pantries for all the canned soup and rice they’ve been stockpiling.

Oregon woman who had coronavirus dies, county officials say

The Oregonian

Lane County officials announced Tuesday night that a woman in the county who died Saturday is now believed to have died from COVID-19.

Kaiser to shut down clinics, office buildings, in anticipation of coronavirus onslaught

The Oregonian

Kaiser Permanente Northwest will temporarily close clinics and medical offices in the Portland area Thursday and redeploy employees in those facilities to Kaiser hospitals and urgent care clinics. It is another step the health system is implementing in preparation of an expected onslaught of patients infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Stocks, oil sink again as recession fears batter markets and coronavirus spreads

The Associated Press

Markets have been incredibly volatile for weeks as Wall Street and the White House acknowledge an increasing risk of a recession due to the coronavirus outbreak. The typical day this month has seen the stock market swing up or down by 4.9%. Over the last decade, the median move was just 0.4%.

Restaurateur Kurt Huffman On The Impossible Choice Facing Food Industry


For restaurant owners, the coronavirus pandemic has meant impossible choices.

Guess What Else Took a Hit From Coronavirus? Oregon’s Public Pensions

Willamette Week

BOTTOM LINE: The COVID-19 pandemic could be a disaster for the state’s already massive unfunded pension liability.

Other News

Coffee Creek corrections officer sues ex-coworker, state for $7 million for Taser hazing

Statesman Journal

An Oregon Department of Corrections officer is suing the state of Oregon, his ex-coworker and corrections officials for $7 million after he was attacked with a stun gun over a Facebook post.

Oregon water regulators exceeded authority, judge rules

Capital Press

Oregon’s water regulators exceeded their authority by shutting off wells within 500 feet of waterways in the Upper Klamath Basin last year, according to a judge.

Social distancing: Six virtual tours you can take if you’re stuck at home

USA Today

However, even as we are keeping our distance from one another, it doesn’t mean we’re completely confined to our own walls. With public spaces closing and events over 50 people canceled, many entities have taken it upon themselves to offer free virtual tours.

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