Liberty and Justice DENIED

Just another reminder that Republicans believe in a color blind merit based society where ethnicity doesn’t matter. Democrats don’t believe in that at all. This twitter post records the truth. Remember this come election day!

Republicans Make Up Majority of Union County Special District and School Board Candidates

Union County residents will vote for the members of local school and special district boards in elections this spring, with ballots due to the Union County Clerk on May 18, 2021. Of 59 unique individuals who filed for several positions, at least 31 are Republicans. We encourage all Union County voters to support conservative candidates. Verified Republican candidates are listed below!

  • Cove School Board #3: John Frisch
  • Elgin School Board
    • #3: Chuck Anderson
    • #5 Lara Moore
  • Imbler School Board
    • #3: Tim Phelps
    • #4: Pam Glenn
    • #5: Lavar Bowles vs. Jason Beck.
  • Cove Cemetery
    • #2: Andrea Asmussen
    • #3: Darcy Johnson Carreiro
  • Elgin Cemetery: Nancy Noell
  • La Grande Cemetery
    • Gary Bieberdorf
    • John Craig
  • North Powder Cemetery
    • John Frieboes
    • Erin Thompson
  • Summerville Cemetery: Carrie Bingaman
  • Elgin Health
    • #3: Elaine La Rochelle
    • #6: Darryl Hawes
  • South County Health District
    • #1: Mary Brookshire
    • #2: Fred Hawkins
    • #5: Debbie Clark
  • Elgin Rural Fire #4: Douglas Durfee
  • Imbler Rural Fire
    • #1: David Glover
    • #4: Randy Glenn
  • La Grande Rural Fire
    • #1: Nathan Weishaar
    • #2: Louis Gerber vs. Bretton Rudd
    • #4: Devin Cornford
  • North Powder Rural Fire #3: Lance Siddoway
  • Union Rural Fire
    • #3: Tim Sheehy
    • #4: Sam Baker
    • #5: David Gordon

Happy Tom McCall Day!

Happy Tom McCall Day, Union County! Today is a day to reflect on the wisdom and success of one of Oregon’s best Governors. Among his accomplishments, Governor Tom McCall cleaned up the environment, instituted the first paid bottle recycling program in America, and made all of Oregon’s beaches public property. Learn more about his legacy online!

ORP Elections Results

Left to right: Vice Chair Herman Baertschiger, Treasurer Dennis Linthicum, Chair Dallas Heard, Secretary Becky Mitts.

Delegates from the Union County Republican Central Committee joined fellow conservatives to vote for the next generation of Oregon Republican Party leaders on February 20.

Senator Dallas Heard beat incumbent Mayor Bill Currier to be elected Chair of the Oregon Republican Party.

Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger beat Umatilla County GOP Chair Suni Danforth to be elected Vice Chair.

Becky Mitts, legislative staffer to Rep. Mike Nearman, won re-election as Secretary over challenger Senator Chuck Thomsen.

Senator Dennis Linthicum was elected new Treasurer by acclamation after challenger David Darnell, CD5 GOP Chair, withdrew his candidacy and endorsed his opponent.

“New members of the Executive Committee discussed their campaigns with me early on, and I am confident that they will work well with Union County Republicans to keep common sense conservatives in office here as well as grow GOP representation in the Legislative Assembly,” said UCRCC Chair Alex McHaddad. “And as a millennial myself, I’m very excited to see the Party choose a member of my generation in Senator Heard to lead us into the future.”

For more information about the Oregon Republican Party, visit

Save the Date! ORP Leadership Debate 2/18 at 6:00PM

Union County Republicans Chair Alex McHaddad will join members of Young Republicans of Oregon to moderate a debate between candidates for ORP leadership positions on February 18 at 6:00PM! The debate will be livestreamed online at and Featured candidates include:


  • Adair Village, OR Mayor Bill Currier, Incumbent ORP Chair
  • Senator Dallas Heard

Vice Chair

  • Umatilla GOP Chair/ORP Finance Chair Suni Danforth
  • Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger


  • David Darnell, Congressional District 5 Republicans Chair
  • Senator Dennis Linthicum


  • Becky Mitts, Incumbent ORP Secretary

For more information, reach out to Union County Republicans Chair Alex McHaddad at or 541-805-2630.

Antifa Mobs Riot in Portland and Seattle on Inauguration Day

Despite the election and despite winter weather, rioting and property destruction continues in Portland, Oregon.

Antifa vandalizes DNC headquarters in Portland on inauguration day. Antifa symbol spray painted.
The oft-repeated leftist goal is to destroy all of society and then establish a “new world order”. Antifa masks predate Covid-19 and are for the purpose if hiding identity to avoid arrest. Lately homemade riot protect gear hs been added.
Leftest are not democrats although our elected democrat party leaders are frequently their enablers.
At DNC offices in Portland. Some windows appeared to be made of plexiglass and were difficult to break.
More graffiti and broken windows at the Democratic party office in Portland.
Antifa rioting and vandalism also occurring in Seattle.
US flag burned by Antifa mob at intersection in Seattle.