Why I vote Republican (Laura Eckstein – Oct. 29, 2018)

What matters most to you? We are in the midst of a defining battle this election season, and despite geography and demographics, make no mistake, your vote matters.

Your most dearly held values and opinions have impact only if you exercise your right to vote. But with so many loud, and often angry, voices, how do we know who and what to vote for? I posit that your best hope for preserving your values is to vote Republican, even if your opinions differ. Here is why I vote Republican:

At our nation’s inception, and in bold and courageous strokes, our Founding Fathers declared we possess “unalienable” rights of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” The party founded by Abraham Lincoln is still your best ally in preserving these vital and God-given rights.

LIFE. The Republican Party values and cherishes human life — from before birth to its last breaths.

We believe the limited exercise of government should act in a manner that protects life, and the best way to enhance the quality of life is to maximize individual liberty.

LIBERTY. Individual liberty is supported by the twin pillars of personal responsibility and limited government.

The Republican Party believes that individuals, families, businesses and communities thrive best when interfered with least.

We believe we as a whole benefit most when in the innovation of the human spirit is unleashed, and not stifled by even well-intentioned government interference. We believe the person who is most qualified to know what is best for you is you.

We believe your right to defend yourself and your family must never be infringed, and that your right to speak your mind (even when unpopular) and practice your religion are never to be compromised.

Make no mistake — the government is not your friend. Even the lofty goals stated by big government enthusiasts suffer the fatal flaw in believing it is the government that can achieve those goals.

Indeed, government governs only by coercion, which, opposite of lifting the human condition, can ultimately only limit it. While government is necessary in several defined functions, the government that governs best is that which governs least.

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. The Republican Party believes each person best defines what happiness means for them, and the best means of pursuing that is to ensure individuals and families are secure and thriving. Individuals must be allowed to exercise their own personal security, and the nation must ensure a strong national defense, both abroad and at our own borders.

Personal and national security also leads to a thriving economy, which benefits society at all levels. In turn, a thriving and prosperous nation can best lead the world toward even greater security and prosperity.

Don’t neuter your voice by failing to return your ballot. Make sure your values and opinions are reflected in the final tally. When you vote, vote Republican. And urge your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same.