2021 Election Victories in Oregon!

Republicans in Oregon should be excited for 2022 after seeing the results of the 2021 special district and school board elections!

Union County Republicans made hundreds of phone calls for candidates in our community and in Coos County during this election cycle.

UCRCC-endorsed Jason Beck won election to the Imbler School Board with 53% of the vote. Tim Phelps, our other endorsed candidate for Imbler School Board, came close but lost by only 17 votes thanks to help from our volunteers. Union County Republicans also endorsed a Yes vote on renewing the Noxious Weed Control levy.

In Coos County, two Republican candidates running in races where Union County Republicans made phone calls won election to local special districts.

Oregon Health Authority Director Pat Allen (D) lost his reelection to the Sherwood School Board to a candidate supported by Oregon Right to Life, Duncan Nyang’oro (R). Nyang’oro ran on a platform of reopening Sherwood School District this fall.

Union County Republicans will remain active fundraising and preparing to organize for conservative candidates in 2022. We encourage local conservatives to attend our monthly meetings at 7:00AM every second Thursday of the month at Urban Vine in Island City.

“2021 showed that when Republicans organize, Republicans win, at the local and state level,” said Union County Republicans Chair Alex McHaddad. “Our Party does best when we stand together under a big tent and fight for a better future in Oregon despite any differences we may have with each other. We will carry this fighting spirit into 2022 to restore prosperity in Oregon.”

Congratulations to the Republican candidates who won elections in Union County this year! (Note: candidates listed below are verified Republicans by the Republican National Committee. Other Republicans may have been elected, and we congratulate them, too!)

  • Cove School Board #3: John Frisch
  • Elgin School Board
    • #3: Chuck Anderson
    • #5 Lara Moore
  • Imbler School Board
    • #4: Pam Glenn
    • #5: Jason Beck
  • Cove Cemetery
    • #2: Andrea Asmussen
    • #3: Darcy Johnson Carreiro
  • Elgin Cemetery: Nancy Noell
  • La Grande Cemetery
    • Gary Bieberdorf
    • John Craig
  • North Powder Cemetery
    • John Frieboes
    • Erin Thompson
  • Summerville Cemetery: Carrie Bingaman
  • Elgin Health
    • #3: Elaine La Rochelle
    • #6: Darryl Hawes
  • South County Health District
    • #1: Mary Brookshire
    • #2: Fred Hawkins (also a Union County Republicans executive committee member)
    • #5: Debbie Clark
  • Elgin Rural Fire #4: Douglas Durfee
  • Imbler Rural Fire
    • #1: David Glover
    • #4: Randy Glenn
  • La Grande Rural Fire
    • #1: Nathan Weishaar
    • #2: Bretton Rudd
    • #4: Devin Cornford
  • North Powder Rural Fire #3: Lance Siddoway
  • Union Rural Fire
    • #3: Tim Sheehy
    • #4: Sam Baker
    • #5: David Gordon
  • Inter-Mountain Education Service District
    • Merle Comfort

Posted: UCRCC Chair Alex McHaddad

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